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Judy Bolton Days
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Friday, September 14, 2012


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Jenn Fisher, the head of the book collectors group The Nancy Drew Sleuths, got very angry at me recently for disagreeing with her on Facebook about the importance of women's rights and gay rights posts. She had made some posts to all her Facebook friends about certain pro-civil rights posts being 'unpleasant', not that important to everyone, and 'separating' rather than being topics to bring everyone together. She was calling for an end to these posts and considered it the 'reasonable' thing to do.

Most of these posts were political humor photos-with-quotes memes pertaining to the Chik-Fil-A scandal of that restaurant chain's donation of millions of dollars to anti-gay rights groups, and other pro-gay rights posts. Others were similar posts decrying certain Republican politicians' attacks on women's reproductive rights. Apparently, Jenn did not like seeing these posts pop up on her Facebook feed and she was calling for an end to them, an attempt on her part to censor what her 'friends' post on Facebook.

These were not posts within a Facebook group. These were posts on individuals' personal pages that Jenn received on her feed because she was 'friends' with them.

A few of her friends posted in disagreement with her, but she was adamant that it was the 'reasonable' thing to do because these issues were not as important as issues of economy and security, which affect us all. Gay rights and women's rights affect only some people, she apparently figures. I posted that I disagreed with her and suggested that perhaps she did not understand the importance of all civil rights because she had not lived through the 1960s when people fought, got hurt, and died in civil rights protests in order to win such simple civil rights as riding on buses, attending school, and sitting at lunch counters. To me, the civil rights of all Americans are of the greatest importance, not to be relegated to the back burner because they do not 'affect us all' or some people might find the topic 'unpleasant'.

Jenn got very angry at me and made a nasty post in reply in which she called me an ass because I did not agree with her that it was 'reasonable' to eliminate these topics from our posting. In other words, if you do not agree with Jenn, you are an ass. She threatened that she could verbally abuse me and 'argue me into the ground'. Yes, INTO THE GROUND, because she had been trained to do so (in law school). I thought we were friends having a discussion, and I disagreed with her in a respectful way, pointing out that we are free to express ourselves on Facebook and to censor that would be calling for the denial of people's rights. I did not know that she perceived disagreeing with her as a 'fight'. And she said these nasty things to me for all our collective Facebook friends to see and read, as follows:

Jennifer Pond Fisher also commented on her status
Jennifer wrote: "I'm not going to argue this with you and I could argue you into the ground, I've been trained to do that. It would be a waste of my time however becuase I don't think you can be reasoned with--as you've clearly shown here. But, you are--in your own words there above--saying that I'm trying to deny people their "civil rights." Really? That's news to me, because I never said anything like that. That's fantasy. You're being an ass too. I'll go on record as saying that. I've never denied a person a thing in their life either as you just said I am trying to do. Get a grip dude! Try some reading comprehension 101 while you're at it. Don't like that, don't post here on MY personal page. You're prime example numero uno of an unreasonable person. And that my friends is why you don't get the point of what I'm saying and why you choose to read things into what I said that I never said or stated. Reasonable people managed to make sense of what I said. This speaks volumes."

As you see above, in her bullying attempt to silence me, she claims she can't reason with me because, to her, that means convincing me she's 'right'. She claims she's NOT trying to deny people their civil rights, but by calling for an end to pro-civil rights posts and labeling them as 'unpleasant', 'separating', and not that important, and stopping them the reasonable thing to do, she is trying to stop others from exercising their right to free speech on a social media site in favor of what she prefers and finds comfortable.

She not only calls me an ass but also a prime example of an 'unreasonable person' and insults my intelligence by suggesting I need to learn reading comprehension. She also claims that 'reasonable people' managed to understand her. Not so. Others disagreed with her too and she was just as argumentative with them in return, although she did not get vulgar and insult them. Her bullying words put me in 'a false light' of causing trouble when I was only disagreeing with someone with whom I was 'friends', which is an acceptable daily common occurrence everywhere. I was not out to attack her or 'mess with her', only to discuss the importance of all civil rights, something she did not appear to understand.

So, she thinks I was behaving like an ass because I believe that women's rights and gay rights are important and that it is NOT reasonable to eliminate them from adult discussion on Facebook, especially amongst a group of collectors of whom many are women and/or gay.

Well, I believe she was behaving like a homophobe, in the true meaning of the word 'homophobia', fearing homosexuality, and like a misogynist, one who hates women, even though she is one herself. She does not want to see posts about these topics. She thinks they are not that important as issues and they are not of concern to all of us. And she thinks it is 'reasonable' to exclude them from the ongoing interaction among adults who are Facebook friends with her.

Isn't this how homophobic and misogynistic people act? They don't want to see anything about homosexuality or feminism, read about  or hear about these topics. They don't think them important because they only pertain to a segment of the people. And they think it is perfectly reasonable to exclude these topics from proper discussion and interaction. And, they protest when they come up. And why? Because they are afraid.

What I'd like to know is who died and made Jenn Fisher queen? Who does she think she is that she can control what her Facebook friends post? If she doesn't like the posts she can delete them, or unfriend the people who make them, but she has no authority to call for censorship just because some of these friends are members of her Nancy Drew collector group. She runs a business, licensing products with images of Nancy Drew and the Nancy Drew books, and sells them online. One would think that to protect her interest in this iconic character she would not make such controversial and rights-denying demands amongst her so-called followers, and bully so strongly and with such vulgarity someone who justly and respectfully disagrees.

Furthermore, Nancy Drew is and always has been extremely popular with gay people. She is one of their favorite icons. A great percentage of Nancy Drew fans and collectors are gay and many of the Nancy Drew Sleuths members are 'out' gay people. Nancy Drew is also the original feminist, the extreme icon of liberated women. She has inspired millions of women to work for equal rights and promote relating causes. Why Jenn would speak out to quiet the voices of gay and women Sleuths posting their thoughts about their civil rights is a puzzle to me, when she darn well knows that Nancy Drew has had a great impact on their lives. I don't think she should be representing Nancy Drew in media and sales promotion if she is prone to be so unconcerned with the civil rights of Nancy Drew fans as to bully online someone who is sticking up for them.

I don't know why Jenn would turn on her own Facebook friends and Nancy Drew Sleuth members with such misogynistic and anti-gay rights rhetoric. I don't know why she got so angry at me for disagreeing with her on the topic. I thought we were having a discussion about it, not a 'fight'. She complained that I was posting on what she called 'her own personal Facebook page' but my posts disagreeing with her were made on Facebook forms received in my email, not on anything that 'belonged' to her.

Being her Facebook friend, I was able to post in reply to her posts. Of course, I put an end to that and unfriended her immediately. Yes, she has the right to her opinions, but so do I, and to bully me, call me an ass, and threaten verbal abuse learned in law school just because I disagree with her is a definite sign that this person just wants to have her own way and control the others with whom she interacts.

Civil rights are of the foremost importance to us all and it smacks of homophobia and prejudice to consider it 'reasonable' not to talk about gay rights and women's rights issues, or any civil rights issue, under the guise that they are unpleasant, not that important, and do not affect us all. Attempts to censor this kind of chat online or anywhere is an insult to the free speech rights of Americans.