Judy Bolton Days

Judy Bolton Days
First annual in 1991!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


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Wow, get set for a new fan-written Rick Brant I found included in a series book collection I recently bought from New Brunswick, Canada. It appears to be a really terrific story, hand-written in old collegiate tablets and it takes place in, of all places, a couple islands off the coast of Papua New Guinea the summer after The Phantom Shark.

And how about this title?
or The South Seas City of Death Mystery

Hearkens back to the old-fashioned Tom Swift double-titling, and there were plenty of Swifts and similar in this collection. Also included are some original short stories and other writings about some of our fave characters. Always great to find fan-written stuff. Fun to read and lots of it is good.




Well, this one is rare - but none of the others!

There really is no such thing as a 'rare' Nancy Drew book anymore. They are all so totally commonplace and easy-to-get. Some collectors still carry on about how RARE the books are, but it's all hype to get you to fork over your cash. The only ones worth any money nowadays are the very first printings of the early books, the first ten or so, and, yo buds! - you just ain't gonna find those. They are all locked up now by celebrity collectors who paid big bucks for them in the 1990s, and they won't see the light of day for a long time to come.

The Nancy Drews and Hardy Boys books you see for ridiculous high prices on eBay and Bonanza were almost all bought at those same sites for a few dollars each, then repriced high and re-listed. I know, because those dealers bought the books from ME. If you watch, those books seldom sell. They run for 30 days at the high Buy It Now prices, then are relisted again. And again. And again. These dealers are not making money. They are using their Paypal Credit to buy vast quantities of Drews and Hardys and similar series books, and then trying to resell them all at higher prices. It doesn't work. Soon enough, they are in over their heads owing Paypal money they can't pay back, and having a vast supply of books they can't sell at $20-plus prices because the smart buyers know how to get them for $5 or $7.

If you pay big bucks for any of these books you are being had. Take your time and look through all the listings and you'll find what you want at decent prices. The books are NOT rare anymore! The booths on Bonanza are especially offensive - they have common books for $30, $40, $50 or more, and advertise them as rare and hard-to-find, when they found them easily on eBay for a few bucks and are using Paypal Credit to finance a book business that's gonna bust them. In truth, the books are only hard-to-find for someone who is a dolt and does not know how to scour the listings and find the books at realistic prices.

This same scenario has happened with many other collectibles since the advent of Internet sales and auction sites has made every desirable article common. Don't let yourself be taken in by clever ads or pretty site booths. Nancy Drew, like Norman Rockwell, Hummels, Lladro, baseball cards, comics, and numerous other collectibles, is pretty much DEAD.

Judy Bolton Author Suicide Attempt

Please click on article to enlarge for reading. This June 25, 1934 article about Margaret Sutton's suicide attempt on the Manhattan Bridge is available on the New York Times archives website, and it is on display at the Potter County Historical Society in Coudersport PA, the town in which Margaret Sutton grew up (her real name was Rachel Beebe) and where she placed the setting of the Judy Bolton books, recasting the town as 'Farringdon'.