Judy Bolton Days

Judy Bolton Days
First annual in 1991!

Monday, September 9, 2013


I thought this Dana Girls fanfiction mystery was lost when my computer with its files crashed and AOL did away with its webspace at the same time. But Google had it archived! Yay, Google! So now we'll use those pages until I get a new site set up!

An all-new vintage Dana Girls mystery!
Completely online and free!

This is a full-length fanfiction mystery in the original 1930s
Mildred Wirt style. It takes place at a haunted English manor house
in the hills north of Penfield in which a flute-playing ghost roams
the halls on long winter nights accompanied  by a wolf.
Shift the scene to nearby frozen Indian Lake and a white stone
castle on Spirit Island where the local Indian burial grounds
were once the scene  of a notorious crime.
Louise and Jean are asked to solve this mystery from
both the past and present, and they meet up with thrills and chills
as they track down clues in the bleak winter landscape.

What the reviewers said ten years ago ....

"It was just like reading one of the original novels by McFarlane
or Benson. I just want to say thanks for making such a delightful gift
available to all of us."
.....Frank Quillen, series books aficionado

"This 'new' original-style Dana has all the literary plot
development of the first (Danas). The strong setting, the familiar
leading characters, the pranks, thecoincidences
 (I love those coincidences), and an unusual mystery - all ring
very true to the series book series, Dana Girls."
....Susabella Passengers, series books fanzine

"The Secret of the Ice Castle is marked by a high sense of adventure.
It is a gripping mystery that compelled my attention
throughout the reading. I was more than pleasantly surprised
to read it, and gladly give it a 9+."
....David M. Baumann, Starman series author

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